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Hi Heepster!!

Dutch Heepster  Bram van Belzen sent me this pictures of  the 1996 Uriah Heep concert in Middelburg Holland. The next day Heep ended their 1996 tour in Alkmaar. The band was in a jolly mood at both gigs. During Bird of Prey a weird looking doll jumped up and down Micks amplifier along with the catchy rhytm of the song. It excited the crowd and I hoped it would become a gimmick in forthcoming shows. Well.. that was not the case...maybe Mick when you read this you might considder to bring the joke back in...succes is guaranteed.  
The pictures of the Middelburg gig are made by Jannick van der Horst from Vlissingen the Netherlands. 

Thanks again Bram

Louis Rentrop


Bram van Belzen and Bernie Shaw



Mick Box & Trevor Bolder


Bernie in full motion

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