Unseen URIAH HEEP photos

uploaded the first time on march 5 2009 - longserving Heepfan Hille  sent us these great Uriah Heep documents.

Hille's comments:

The first two show me with the band during a reception in Munich in Nov 1971 for the release of their new album LOOK AT YOURSELF!

The other guy is the Managing Director of Ariola,Monty Lüftner!
I was the Head of Press and Promotion in those days,and had to organize all these events,press conferences etc !
I also enclose a funny US photo:A US Magazin released the picture,as they had several German pictures from BRAVO Magazin with the original 5 members, but also two pictures with ME in the middle !
the Bravo photographer took these two only as a favour for me,a souvenir for me!
He forgot and sent these pictures also to the USA,and these guys thougth :OH ,six people,this must be the COMPLETE Band :-)!!
Kindest regards

Thanks to Hille and Konstantinos Takos.
Konstantinos found out that the first two photos are most probably from April 10th or 11th, 1972 in Munich just before the release of the "Demons and Wizards" album.

"The Wizard" single had just been released in Germany and you can check him predominating in the middle!


note : everything is done to trace the legal owner of the photos. Please contact us if you have knowledge of the owner.